your love is like the wind 

that guides my open sails

my boat got no captain 

move me as you please 

in this ocean so vast 

i am a stranger lost 

be the wind i know 

and take me back home 

you are the breeze 

that calms my soul 

even though you can be

the huricain that hurts

cant see the wind 

but can feel it always 

a constant that never ceases 

just like your love

Widen your arms

They offered me gold
To make true a few myths
Over the world control
With iron fists

Good all this seems
But I still thirst
The heart yearns
For the one I loved first

Widen your arms
So that I find space
And a warm embrace
To end this chase


Hurting was never part of the plan
How did we turns this to be so bad
Some things said and some not
All the good done is now lost

It was never meant to be this hard
Over time somehow I lost track
I sit here turning to rust
Slowly with time I will be all but dust

‘A love you’ is sometimes sorry
Grant me the happy ending to this story
Mistakes are made by humans
It’s a void not seek reasons

It’s a hard pill to swallow
But I need you to make me whole
So stay with me for some more
For if you give up, I will fall

A scar the size of my heart

Bent and broken, cursed and bruised
With the underlying feeling of being used
I have a scar the size of my heart
I am buried and resurrect, I can’t

On bad days I am my the demon
To live more I can’t find a reason
Time ticks and the rivers flow
Oceans swell and the wind blows

All in its place, in tune of one another
But I am lost, living is just a number
Will you take this broken heart to be yours
In sickness and in health, and complete the vows

Paper towns

We are living in paper towns
Living someone else’s dream
Fighting for wax crowns
In the end it’s all defeat

It’s war only in our heads
As we run behind our own tails
Like ice on a summer day that melts
Look, we’re a species fooled by itself

Sinking in our ocean of doubt
Chained to our self made shackles
We search silence even when we are loud
While we have been the Poison to start with

A mirage makes us follow blind
Leaders we’re to our mistakes with pride
A coloured life that should’ve been bright
But now lays rendered in black and white

This one.

She feels like the spring
And dances like June
She’s pretty like the moon
So what would I do without you

Her love is like the wind
It sweeps me of my feet
The half that makes me complete
The midnight dreams to my sleep

She’s like the morning light
The things that lift your spirits high
With her you would want to fly
Babe, just us both in the sky

She’s my friend of the best kind
The only one love of my life
Smile is on the face with her though in mind
Girl, I skip a beat every single time

The gaps between her fingers
Are where mine happily lingers
Her heart is made of gold and a few diamonds too
That’s where I will live till life bids adieu