This one.

She feels like the spring
And dances like June
She’s pretty like the moon
So what would I do without you

Her love is like the wind
It sweeps me of my feet
The half that makes me complete
The midnight dreams to my sleep

She’s like the morning light
The things that lift your spirits high
With her you would want to fly
Babe, just us both in the sky

She’s my friend of the best kind
The only one love of my life
Smile is on the face with her though in mind
Girl, I skip a beat every single time

The gaps between her fingers
Are where mine happily lingers
Her heart is made of gold and a few diamonds too
That’s where I will live till life bids adieu

How? when? where? why?

How did we come to this?

From roses in our hands to stones

From songs in our hearts to fears

From smiles on our faces to tears


When did we break apart?

So far away, beyond repair

Broken in faith about each other

Drifting apart even further away


Where did we go wrong?

Was it the ignorance at play

Or friction between an ego game

In the end, a pitiful shame


Why did we not try?

Try to make it work one more time

Was it so easy to give up on us

For one wrong, a lifetime was left in dust

Love is in the air

Gulp the ache in your throat
Loose some tears for the one you lost
Earn some pain for one who’s gone
The walk is long and you’re alone

You want to move but you’re struck
From the love that keeps you stuck
Move forward, still stuck in reverse
There is no cure for this fixed curse

Close your eyes and lie on the cold floor
Let your heart soothe into the ground
As dreams fill the thoughts in your mind
In this trance you are not blind

You see behind the nightmares
Surviving on an old prayer
Just breathe when life isn’t fair
For love is in the air


This relationship takes a toll on our boring lives
I bleed tears through my eyes, stream to my palms
Broken heart held together with loose duct tapes
On an empty floor alone waiting for a dance

Every day is a struggle, all ways lead to trouble
Seeking for help hasn’t helped
Even the sheets miss your warm snuggle
Without you my body dies tired

But I won’t give up on the thought of us
Not that I am one of courage or strong will
I promised to live a life regretless
Holding your hands through the storm we’ll

The infinite wish

Oh how I wish, wish the rains where empowered
Empowered to cleanse much more with its showers
Showers that could wash away tormenting pain
Pain that rises from the emptiness within

Within a frailed heart that aches for her affection
Affection that was born out of uncertain friction
Friction that swelled into a volatile fire
Fire untamable burned away all set desire

Desire to share the same air in a room
Room that would see us together till tomb
Tomb which states’ together always’
Always was split apart into separate ways

Ways that are set by predestined fate
Fate, which with my whole heart I hate
Hate is a tough emotion that comes easy with time
Time never stood by me ever through this climb

Climb feels like a major fall in your absence
Absence that could make hell out of heavens
Heavens that are made complete in your presence
Presence that makes life worth living every second